Accelerate your Growth with Better Partner Selection

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Wednesday, January 25
11am EDT / 4pm GMT

In the medical device, equipment, and supplies industry, manufacturer and distributor partner selection is one of the most critical components of a successful medical device market strategy. Choosing the right partner will support long-term sustainable growth. Selecting the wrong partner results in wasted effort, time, and money on a relationship that doesn’t yield expected revenue.

So how do you choose the right channel partner?

Listen to industry experts as they discuss how to find, evaluate and select the right partner to achieve market growth.

Attendees Will Learn:

  1. If “traditional” methods for sourcing partners still apply in this changing world.
  2. How market-specific channel strategies affect partner selection
  3. How to shortlist potential partners before beginning outreach
  4. Tips for effectively vetting partners to ensure strategic alignment
  5. Why product alignment and call point synergies are critical to drive growth
  6. Methods to ensure you’re receiving (and giving) your share of selling time and coverage

Meet Our Panelists:

Nicolás Borzutzky
Nicolas Borzutzky is the commercial director of LBF, a Chilean importer and distributor of medical devices with +75 years in the market. He's overseen the commercial area for +13 years making important businesses with China, and several European countries.

Jan Dheedene
Jan Dheedene is an experienced technology entrepreneur in an international context. in 2019, Jan Dheedene co-founded Rods&Cones, the remote assistance solution for surgery, and he's currently focused on building out the international distributor network.

Bobby Allen
Bobby Allen is an entrepreneur, artist, and father.  Trained as a sculptor, he has a unique background applied to the design, sales, marketing, and international business development for innovative Class I medical device manufacturer D. A. Surgical


Nicolás Borzutzky
Commercial Director


Jan Dheedene


Bobby Allen
Chief Operating Officer
D.A. Surgical