Reach the Right Medtech Partners
with Global Opportunity Posts

Every attendee receives a free opportunity post to promote their company to thousands of potential partners after the event.

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Thursday, February 22
11am EST / 4pm GMT

Looking for new suppliers or distribution partners?

In the dynamic landscape of medtech, traditional methods of finding suppliers or distribution partners are evolving. Explore myCaribou, a platform reshaping the industry's approach to global connections between manufacturers and distributors.

Discover a network linking you to 40,000+ medical device, equipment, and supplies manufacturers and distributors in over 125 countries.

Join Craig MacInnis, a seasoned medtech industry expert, as he unveils practical strategies for leveraging myCaribou's opportunity posts to foster meaningful conversations and forge partnerships that align with your business goals.

Join us to learn how to:

  1. Reach 22,115 manufacturers and 22,118 distributors around the world.
  2. Craft compelling opportunity posts with a clear value proposition, ensuring engagement from your target audience.
  3. Explore existing opportunity posts to identify partners that align seamlessly with your channel strategy.

Course Requirement: Create a free myCaribou account before the session here. 

Webinar attendees can follow along with best practices in myCaribou during the session.  myCaribou is always free to join and connect with new partners.

Every attendee will be able to create, promote an opportunity and connect with a new partner for free after the event.


Craig Headshot - 2023

Craig Macinnis
Chief Executive Officer 


Lindsay Wilton
Customer Care Lead